Rosanna’s bursting love and sparkly passion serve as a transformational bridge for those who have been
abandoned, abused and betrayed.

She assists you to step into and embody the deep peaceful and joyful experience of
La Dolce Vita“!
Allowing you to own your brilliance in the world!

Are YOU ready to transform the limiting beliefs
that are keeping you from the life of your dreams!
Yes, it is possible!

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A Little Bit of Heaven
With Rosanna

In our society, we do not to talk about or even think about death until we are faced with it. Generally, people don’t know what to say when you or a loved one are dying.

We are completely uncomfortable with the subject! We don’t talk about it with our parents. We don’t talk about it with our spouses. We don’t talk about it with our children or even our closest friends.

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All About Rosanna

Rosanna’s Italian roots have seasoned her to be nurturing and courageous while her multifaceted career path from the corporate world to the healing arts for two decades has awakened her gifts and talents into an angelic, magical and intuitive healer, teacher and beyond. Rosanna’s bursting love and sparkly passion serve as a transformational bridge for those who have been abandoned, abused and betrayed assisting YOU to step into and embody the deep peaceful and joyful experience of, “La Dolce Vita“, allowing YOU to own YOUR brilliance in the world!  Rosanna loves the beauty of the ocean and sinking her toes into the warm sand. What could be sweeter?

  • Nurturing and courageous
  • Assist you to tap into your gifts
  • Help you embrace the magic and miracles in your life
  • Become a co-creator of your life
  • Know and feel how sweetly and immensely loved you are

CIAO,   Welcome Home Angel!

Will you dance with me, sing with me, have fun with me?
Together we will awaken the sacred within.


Praise for Rosanna!

This lovely morning Rosanna gently yet swiftly moved me from a place of irritation and aggravation in my life to one where I know exactly how to make my next big step into love.
She assisted my heart to open to a capacity it had never experienced before and guided me into knowing this is the place where I can and deserve to live from!
Just pure beauty and elegance in action! What a privilege to experience!
Arianna Z., Ontario, Canada
Rosanna is a very gifted person. I have experienced her receiving guidance from a higher place to provide profound insights to individuals seeking guidance and assistance in their lives. Her heart is truly big having that desire to lift people up and make a difference in this world. One of her sessions with me, she blew away the heaviness and density of trying to perform many projects at the same time. Immediately during that session, the density turned to lightness and a peacefulness that it would all get done at the right time. Eternally grateful Rosanna.
Gary B., Texas, formerly lived in Switzerland
Hi Beautiful Magnificent Rosanna. I just want to thank you for the amazing session I received from you and the angels!! It was totally awesome. When I spoke with you I had
just finished working a night shift at the hospital. Your session was divinely timed for me! From the moment you began I felt my body open up and respond to your gentle
beingness and love and magic. My Whole body just relaxed into the remembrance of who we are. I received so many things from this session. It was totally magic and took me into another dimension where I experienced the oneness of me. I connected with the angelic realm and beings of light and love. I was floating in the milky way and became one with the stars. I slept soundly after the session and woke up so refreshed and light. All the denseness had completely lifted and my body feels brand new. Renewed on a whole new level.
I am simply jumping for joy. My heart is open wide with so much gratitude and love and joy for the beautiful being that you are. I am so honored to be on this journey with you.
I love you and thank you infinitely. Whatever magic you are doing – keep doing it. The whole world awaits you.
Marita W., Brisbane, Australia
I was in lots of pain in my back before the session.
Pretty early on I felt the pain & aching diminishing. Then my whole body dropped into relaxation…and my back released even more. I allowed the beautiful energy to deeply nourish my body and energy field… and dropped into slower brain waves of relaxation… deep and healing. So lovely! I was brought back by my phone alert of your text… and as I was choosing to stay there relaxing, I heard the footsteps and door knock.
Leslie B, Victoria, British Columbia
Hello dear Rosanna, your remote session was WONDERFUL. I felt tingling all over my body and strong sensations which then subsided. Also I could feel energy continually
moving through me. What a gift you have to share, what a gift you are to the world. Thank you for gifting me… So much love to you sweetheart.
Hillary S., Cham, Switzerland
I was just blown away on how you actually calmed me last week during our grounding session. I have never felt so relaxed and weightless as I did during that session. It felt so good, I actually cried tears of happiness of release. Also today with our Mother Mary reading, that was also amazing!
Normally I would have been so focused on what I needed answered that I would have missed the message that was being sent to me and I actually got it! This message is to lead me to the path where I need to be.
Thank you so much for sharing your special gift with me and the world!
Debbie B., New York


Meet Rosanna

Rosanna is the creator of New Beginnings with Rosanna. She is an International Certified Life Transformed Coach, Leader, Healer, Teacher, Author and a High Priestess of Light and Sound Vibration. Rosanna is a master at lovingly guiding you to release, extinguish and erase old beliefs, trauma, energy blocks that are no longer in your best and highest good. She assists you to tap into your gifts and your unlimited potential which will allow you to embrace the magic and miracles in your life.

  • New Beginnings
  • Transformational bridge
  • “La Dolce Vita” ~ the sweetest life

Rosanna will hold your hand and guide you to flow into your sweetest life possible
“La Dolce Vita!”

photo credit: Sapphire Rose