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    What Rosanna's Happy Clients are Saying....

    After the 3 Month "Heal Your Heart Program" - I now recognize my strength

    As someone scientifically/medically trained and raised in the Orthodox church to boot, I was highly skeptical of working with a Life Coach. But I was also in a dark place and grasping for help due to my divorce. I am so glad I found Rosanna and the Heal Your Heart After Divorce Program. Rosanna took my hand and every week I finished my session always feeling better...stronger…and…hopeful. I will say that after the program I am light-years ahead in healing than where I expected to be at this point and that I am a mountain in my own right, just looking to share the skyline with my future partner (when I am ready). Thank you, Rosanna!


    ~Karen N., Veterinarian, Colorado

    ...new ways to begin again in life

    Rosanna has a gentleness about her that empowers whomever she works with. During our time together she reinforced the confidence in me, shared her gifts with me in a way that allowed even more love to flow through me. Her light language and toning guided me back to ancient times, showed me symbols and offered me the energies of receiving myself as a whole, infinite and playful Being. Rosanna has the gift of nurturing, holding space and leading into new ways to begin again in life. So very grateful, Rosanna!


    Robyn D., D.O.M., Hawaii

    I felt so peaceful

    My experience with Rosanna and her light language energy healing was beyond words. Intense relaxation while feeling safe. My eyelids were fluttering and I saw bright white lights! My feet and legs felt very grounded. Any doubts that came to my mind, Rosanna immediately said something after, that I knew she truly was doing work for my highest good to help me to relax. I felt so peaceful like I have heard the light language before and I was drawn to it. The energy, the feeling and messages were so on point and I am looking forward to book again! The next few days followed with more realizations, intense dreams, and feelings of safety and protection. I have had many energy healing experiences, however none touch this one. Rosanna is amazing!


    Chrystal M., Nurse, Pennsylvania

    I have remembered about my star seed family

    As a medium I am someone who doesn't like to be messed with energetically, however, my experience with Rosanna was one of surprising interest to me. During the Light Language session, I saw a past lifetime with my present partner. I felt the realization of us being together in many lifetimes through a choice of love. He is my soul mate and this session reaffirmed this for me. The channeled messages Rosanna shared made perfect sense to me. Since my session, I have remembered about my star seed family and where I am from and this session opened the pathway for that. It is totally amazing to me to finally have a clear understanding of where I come from and why I am here. I am so grateful. Much Love Rosanna.


    Suzi P., Psychic Medium, United Kingdom

    Breathwork on Maui

    I was on my own journey in a room with other participants. I received a healing of my voice and thyroid. Rosanna is a great coach, healer, and breath practitioner. Do book a session with her if you have an interest in this kind of transformational healing. I find that it is quick, easy and very powerful.

    ~Tricia C., Architect, Michigan

    I felt completely safe

    My Inspirational Breathing session with Rosanna was quite an adventure, to put it mildly! Things were revealed to me that I had not been aware of before. I now have a better understanding of certain aspects of myself. Everyone should experience this! Rosanna is a wonderfully gifted and skilled guide for this experience. I felt safe and well-tended during the whole session.


    Jane W., Acupuncturist, Pennsylvania

    I felt very light and free of all suffering

    The Light Language session itself was beautiful, transcendent, and peaceful. I felt very light and free of all suffering. Rosanna's voice was very soothing. I'd like to do another session! Thank you, Rosanna


    Rae S., Reiki Master, Pennsylvania

    I highly recommend Inspirational Breathwork

    Rosanna’s breathwork classes will bring you incredible insights and clarity into your life. She holds a space of complete love, light and nurturing and you feel safe to let whatever comes be expressed in the way it needs to be. I highly recommend Inspirational Breathwork for clearing old ideals and habits that does not serve your higher good.


    Bev P., Australia

    Breath-takingly, breath-givingly beautiful and expanded

    To open up, let everything that could possibly block me from being who I really am, come through, is beauty made manifest. Allowing, a Life Coach, I don’t really know to go there with me, to facilitate me, to guide me as I dive deeply through whatever it takes to come out the other side, is a level of Trust I surrender to with purpose and guidance.

    When I was guided by Rosanna during a Breathwork session in Kona, Hawaii, I felt completely safe. It was like being in the arms of the Divine Mother…. secure, nurtured, at home. So, my experience with Rosanna on that day was so breath-takingly, breath-givingly beautiful and expanded, I could have left my body right there….and I would have been fulfilled completely. She is extraordinarily loving, sensitive and embracing facilitator, what a blessing! Thank you, Rosanna

    Susan D., Astrologer, California

    It was totally magic and took me into another dimension

    Hi Beautiful Magnificent Rosanna, I just want to thank you for the amazing IET healing session I received from you and the angels. It was totally awesome!. When I spoke with you, I had just finished working a night shift at the hospital. Your session was divinely timed for me! From the moment you began I felt my body open up and respond to your gentle beingness and love and magic. My Whole body just relaxed into the remembrance of who we are. I received so many things from this session. It was totally magic and took me into another dimension where I experienced the oneness of me. I connected with the angelic realm and beings of light and love. I was floating in the milky way and became one with the stars. I slept soundly after the session and woke up so refreshed and light. All the denseness had completely lifted, and my body feels brand new. Renewed on a whole new level.

    I am simply jumping for joy. My heart is open wide with so much gratitude and love and joy for the beautiful being that you are. I am so honored to be on this journey with you. I love you and thank you infinitely. Whatever magic you are doing – keep doing it. The whole world awaits you.


    Marita W., Nurse, Australia

    You were spot on

    Thank you, Rosanna!!! You were spot on in your observations, insights and recommendations. Now I need to put them into practice and learn from them. Your energy is embracing and empathic which made it easy to open up to you. I appreciate your generous spirit and I encourage others to avail themselves of your programs and services.


    Pauline W., Psychologist, Dominican Republic

    There was "something" holding me back

    In just 3 short months of working with Rosanna in her "Heal Your Heart Life Coaching Program" I have significantly progressed in my healing journey.


    Prior to my Coaching sessions with Rosanna, I did feel pretty good, actually the best I had felt in a long time BUT I still felt like there was "something" holding me back. I had previous counseling but could never peel back enough layers to have much success.


    The Life Coaching Program with Rosanna was different! She helped me to dig deep and pinpoint the trauma from my childhood that I was still holding onto. I felt completely safe and nurtured by her loving presence and compassion. After clearing and healing those experiences, I now have a better relationship with my family. I no longer feel the anxiety, tension and resentment that I once did, I am now more at peace.


    I used to carry around a lot of guilt and shame, I was a people pleaser with no boundaries and I had a lot of self judgement on how I thought I should have lived my life and the choices I made.


    I now appreciate my personal journey, it's unique and I am Thankful for it all.


    Since my time with Rosanna the light at the end of the tunnel has brightened and expanded for me. I am not anxious or fearful, in fact, I'm excited and I look forward to my future!

    How many people can truly say that?!?


    I feel blessed to have Rosanna in my life.

    And I know she will always be available, should I desire further support and guidance. I will be forever grateful for having met you, Rosanna!



    Ginger M. , Central Pennsylvania



    My chains were broken and I was free!

    During my remote IET healing session, I saw myself tied up by my arms and hands. I could not move.


    As the session progressed I felt the chains snap and I felt freed.


    I could feel the engergy shifts in my body at differnt times during the session.


    When I spoke with Rosanna after the session, everything she described that she felt in my body is exactly where I was feeling it, its amazing!!


    After the session, I felt peaceful, grounded and free. The heaviness and feeling of being stuck had lifted. I felt light!


    I am so grateful for this loving and gentle healing energy session. Thank you, Rosanna!


    Fernanda C., Virginia