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    The LAOS Transmissions

    In 2016 upon returning from a life coaching retreat, while standing in my backyard, I was contacted by the beings from LAOS. They shared with me they are from the 8th dimension and I am a part of them. They wished me to sound out these sacred sounds out loud. I was reluctant because the whole experience seemed surreal. However, I opened my heart to allow the sacred tones to flow through me and from me.


    I was immediately overcome with emotion and tears of gratitude and love flowed. The energies felt soft, loving and very familiar. I felt a deep unconditional love like no other I have ever experienced on planet Earth. The purity of the love is other worldly in the most magnificent way. I was instructed to work with the energies daily. My mind had no clue what had just happened. I immediately journaled my experience as my soul was in absolute awe!


    I began to recall ancient memories of my life on planet Laos. I was inspired to write a children's book, which I kept to myself for several years.

    Each morning I spent time in meditation, toning the sacred sounds and receiving channeled messages for my self-healing.


    I am "The Voice" bringing forth the energies of Laos.


    In February 2020, just as COVID-19 arrived, the beings from Laos guided me to begin the process to share the story with the world. In June 2020, the book 'Once Upon a Thought' was released and it became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. (Get your book here)


    I am so excited to now share with you the 8th dimensional energies in a series of 3 modules as initiations to the light codes that the beings from Laos have channeled to me through the years. With the dawning of the Aquarian Age on December 21, 2020, ushered in by the great conjunction, the beings said it is time now to share these energies with the world. As a Cosmic Doula/Emissary of LAOS, I have been gifted with the Galactic Mission of connecting YOU

    to your star roots. We are in a time of the GREAT AWAKENING ! Join the collective consciousness evolution!


    “If it’s going to be, it’s up to each one of us”

    Channeled Message from Laos - Your “SOAL” Family (LAOS) is calling you home! (That's Laos spelled backwards)


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    Learning the Light Language from Laos


    he Light Language from Laos works with each soul to bring in the 8th dimensional energies through sacred sounds to assist every cell, every molecule on a subatomic level to release the OLD and open to the New Earth energies. Reconnect with your "Cosmic Self. Enter the gateway HOME to YOU!


    The sacred tones carry the frequencies that will AWAKEN and ACTIVATE your DNA to a sense of home. You will RECONNECT your soul to the fabric of Love from where you came from. You will REMEMBER your HOME, roots, origin and your star seed family.


    In the 6 weekly LIVE Zoom classes you will Activate and Integrate the the 8th dimensional light codes in your body and life. Then anchor the energies of pure unconditional LOVE, BEAUTY and UNITY into the Earth, thus into the collective consciousness, for all of humanity will benefit!

    YOU are the change we have been waiting for!


    Shifting and transforming the old into the NEW. It will awaken memories and fill your cells with interdimensional cosmic light codes. The LAOS Love Light energies are a SOUL Call, calling your “SOAL” HOME. (LAOS spelled backwards is SOAL :D )


    Each 60 minute weekly class will build a stable foundation that will facilitate and assist you to work with your energy field, each chakra and etheric field to awaken the dormant DNA and re-Member your divine birthright. When you awaken to the truth of who you really are, you will also assist humanity and planet Earth to become the safe haven, “Heaven on Earth” it was always meant to BE. You will discover innocence, play, bliss, acceptance, unconditional self love and a rebirth of the NEW YOU.


    Yes, YOU can make a difference in the world! In fact, YOU are the difference in this world!



    These classes are for you if you feel:

    • Like your whole world has fallen apart
    • Lost
    • Isolated
    • Lonely
    • Like you do not belong
    • Are in fear
    • You miss Home

    6 Weekly Live Zoom Classes:

    Investment = $297




    email me for specific dates at: Rosanna@NewBeginningsWithRosanna.com


    Note: The modules must be taken in numerical order. They are designed to gradually initiate you to the 8th dimensional energies.




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    Visit Planet Laos

    Are you ready to blast off?


    Now that you are initiated into the 8th dimensional energies and have grounded them into your body, planet Earth, the collective consciousness. It is time to go off planet (not literally 😊)


    In the 4 weekly LIVE Zoom classes we will travel to intergalactic dimensions and land on planet LAOS. You will be welcomed there by the energy beings, embraced, and received with so much love like no other you have ever experienced before on earth. You will re-connect your heart space with the fabric of love and embody the essence of the soul group family. You will feel the ebb and flow of multidimensional oneness and unity, yet your individual soul essence is sovereign. The soft energy flow will Enrich, Enhance, and Enlighten your soul in a fluid wave of Beauty, Bliss, Love and Unity.


    These classes are for you if:

    • Are ready to embrace your soul star family
    • Remember your galactic origin
    • Let go, H.E.A.L. and flow in a sea of LOVE
    • Reconnect with your Interdimensional Self
    • Awaken the memories from HOME
    • Discover why you are here

    4 Weekly Live Zoom Classes: Investment = $497




    Note: The modules must be taken in numerical order. They are designed to gradually initiate you to the 8th dimensional energies.


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    Invitation to the RED ZONE!


    The red zone is a very still and sacred place. It is a sanctuary on planet LAOS where souls are regenerated and rejuvenated. There is no gender and no death on LAOS, only the eternal flow of creation. Every soul feels loved, nurtured, and safe within the fabric of wholeness. There is no place on earth like it.


    In the 2 weekly Live Zoom classes you will enter the sacred doorway to your metamorphosis. Your body scan will shed struggles, pain, suffering from this life and past life times. You will release and erase trauma from your DNA. Feel the pulse of creation. Everything will be NEW. You will enter into a "NEW COVENANT" with your Soul.

    You will birth a NEW YOU!


    You will carry a deep remembrance of home to Earth knowing a different reality is possible on Earth. Balancing with your divine masculine and divine feminine within the core of your BE-ing. Ending all strife, pain & suffering. This is the New way to live life on Earth.


    A New Beginning of BE-ing. The best and highest possible version of your Soul Essence is birthed.

    We are one family, we are one love, we are beauty, and united in an infinite sea of Love.

    We have always been and will always BE ONE with LOVE.

    Can you imagine living in a world flowing in Pure Love, Beauty, Peace, and Unity?

    YES!!! It already exists AND you can choose it now!

    YESSSS….we can live this new reality on Earth, now. It begins with YOU.

    Will you choose your Home Sweet Home?


    These classes are for you if:

    • Wish to have an experience of a lifetime
    • Are ready to let go of trauma, pain, and suffering for good
    • Release the idea/thought of separation
    • Awaken your galactic roots
    • Alignment with your Divine Self
    • Attain Self Actualization - “Know Thyself”
    • Are ready for the Alchemy of Transmutation- “Magnum Opus”
    • Birth a New YOU in all your glory!
    • Enter into the sacred "New Covenant" between you and your Star Self.
    • Begin to live your life in a NEW way, the way it was meant to BE!

    2 Weekly Live Zoom Classes: Investment = $997


    "The Cosmos is within us. We are made of star stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself." ~ Carl Sagan




    Note: The modules must be taken in numerical order. They are designed to gradually initiate you to the 8th dimensional energies.