Are You a Starseed

From Laos?

Answer the following 20 questions to find out!

  1. Have you felt like you do not belong?
  2. Do you feel different from others?
  3. Do you feel like others do not understand you?
  4. Do you self - isolate?
  5. Did you have a traumatic childhood?
  6. Have you been divorced?
  7. Do you live in an area where you feel like a fish out of water?
  8. Do love the sound of water?
  9. Do you love the ocean?
  10. Do you love being in Nature? 
  11. Do you love to gaze at the sky and the stars?
  12. Do you want peace and unity for the world? You don’t understand why people cannot get along.
  13. Do you like to wear flowing & sparkly clothes?
  14. Do you not like killing anything and feel deep remorse when it happens? ( ie:insects & animals)
  15. Do you love ancient civilizations, especially Atlantis, Egypt, Sedona?
  16. Do you love crystals?
  17. Do you love energy healing? (Either giving or receiving it)
  18. Do you love others deeply?
  19. Are you highly intuitive?
  20. Do you love everything Spiritual?

If you answered “Yes” to 10 questions you are most likely a Starseed from planet LAOS. 

Are you ready to connect with your Star family?

I invite you to register for the Module I online classes to learn to work with the 8 th dimensional Light Language from LAOS. 

Sweet Love,